Aluminium Core PVC Shutters

Aluminium Core PVC Shutters

The hard as nails shutter, resistant to water and humidity.

For those areas of the home where windows are in direct contact with water, your customers want shutters that will stand up to moisture not warp over time. Scarlet blinds and shutters supply waterproof shutters which are built to withstand the harshest of environments i.e known Aluminium Core PVC Shutters.

Highly durable, water resistant

Whether your customers are after kitchen shutters, bathroom shutters, wet room shutters or shutters for a window that is prone to contact with water, our Waterproof Aluminium Core Polyvinyl range are 100% waterproof. They will not fade, warp or peel.

Looks just like wood

Your customers want the same, dramatic effect as any other wooden shutter in their kitchen or bathroom while offering 100% water resistance. Scarlet blinds and shutter’s waterproof range offers exactly this. Unlike other polyvinyl shutters on the market, we paint our PV shutters with the same NC paint we use on our wood ranges. This gives them a substantially better, higher quality look and feels versus your average ‘snap together’ PVC shutters which are simply extruded with the colour in the plastic.

Easy to care for

Our Aluminium Core PV range is a much more convenient window dressing in damp environments. It’s easy to maintain. No waiting for fabric curtains or blinds to dry out or pick up damp smells, our waterproof shutters can be washed down to keep clean. Now that’s something your customers will thank you for.

The Details

The Aluminium Core PVC range is available in the following options